Ben Affleck Has 'Sober Liaison' While Working on Movie 'The Way Back'
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The 'Gone Girl' actor is accompanied by a 'sober liaison' provided by rehab facility while working on his new movie to make sure he doesn't fall back into his old habits.

AceShowbiz - Ben Affleck was accompanied by a "sober liaison" to and from the set of "The Way Back".

The film sees Ben star as ex basketball player Jack Cunningham, who has to battle his alcoholism and other demons when he's asked to coach the basketball team at his former college.

Ben has also struggled with a dependence on alcohol for much of his adult life, and began filming "The Way Back" while he was in rehab seeking help for his addiction.

In order to ensure the 47-year-old actor didn't stray from his sober journey, the rehab facility provided Ben with a sober liaison, as his co-star Will Ropp told

"Everybody was very transparent from the beginning that he was in rehab at the beginning of the film," he said. "He had to have a sober liaison that would bring him to set and that would bring him back from (the) set."

Revealing he found the making of the film "cathartic," Ben added to the outlet, "The potential for a movie like this is to really inspire somebody, to move somebody. Sometimes you do movies, you go, 'Okay, it's a thriller. They're thrilled. And then they go home and they've forgotten about it.' My goal with this was to make something that would feel enduring and lasting."

"Not everybody is going to come in and think it's great. But for those who do, and for those who may be moved by this, the idea that you can face hard things and get better, I'm really proud of that."

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