Lil Pump Sparks Transgender Rumors After He Posts Photo of Him Wearing Bra

Even though the 'Gucci Gang' rapper stresses in the caption of the post that the sports bra isn't his, many people still don't believe it given the design of his phone case.

AceShowbiz - Lil Pump has shocked nearly 1.8 million of his followers on Instagram. On Monday, February 17, the rapper posted on the photo-sharing site a picture of him proudly wearing a bra, sparking rumors that he might be a transgender.

In the photo, he teamed the pink sports bra with a gray boxer as he struck a pose in front of the mirror, showing off the tattoos on his body. But before anyone got the wrong idea, Pump made it clear that it wasn't his, "Some random thot left her brawl in my house come get it." The "Gucci Gang" rapper additionally left several crying-laughing emoticons.

Even though Pump stressed that he didn't own the bra, many people still didn't believe it given the design of his phone case. "The way he standing, phone case, the fact he felt the need to put it on and take a picture, clearly it belong to him," one pointed out. "Just go head and come out the closet y'all have set the trend for that SMH," another commented.

"He look too comfy in that .. those are his training wheels," someone else said. "Are u sure u wasn't a transgirl because...," one other wrote, with one adding, "It's his...cats outta the bag." Meanwhile, one person urged him to clarify, "Are u coming out of nah because the eyebrows, phone & pose is throwing me off."

"Between the bra, the eyebrows and the phone cover... I'm wondering if he has something he needs to tell us," a different individual commented. One more person simply left a couple of rainbow emoticons while someone was already convinced, "The mouth pose.. combined with the phone case.. the bra is YOURS ma'am! Cut the foolery kind miss!"

Pump has yet to respond to the speculation, though he already deleted the photo.

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