Lil Baby Allegedly Cheating on Jayda With Bernice Burgos

The 'Drip Too Hard' rapper is rumored to break up with his girlfriend/baby mama and take his side chick to a romantic vacation in Mexico for Valentine's Day.

AceShowbiz - Lil Baby reportedly cheated on his girlfriend/baby mama Jayda Cheaves. Rumor has it, the 25-year-old rapper took his side chick on an exotic getaway in Mexico to celebrate Valentine's Day before he flew to Chicago for the NBA all-star weekend.

According to the internet chatters, the alleged mistress is 39-year-old Bernice Burgos, a mother of two and grandmother of one. She has been posting pictures and videos from her vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco although Lil Baby was not seen in any of her posts.

Jayda herself didn't post any romantic pictures with the rapper on Valentine's Day. She is no longer following him on Instagram and has deleted his pictures from her page.

Instead, she has been posting cryptic notes on Twitter, hinting at her foul mood. "I hate when I'm put in situations where I got to act out of character," she wrote. "It's rare I snap or get mad but when I do know I'm bound to do or say ANYTHING."

She also retweeted this message, "Before you get in a relationship foreal, you need to sit down & fight your own demons from your childhood, family issues or past relationships... or you'll never be happy at least not truly happy... a lot of people carrying around old baggage."

Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves have been together for a while now and they share a son together. It's not the first time he's accused of cheating on her. Before she announced her pregnancy in 2018, he allegedly slept with his ex Ayesha behind her back.

Jayda, however, defended her man. "Y'all lil b****s be miserable," she once slammed anyone that talked about his infidelities. "I'm not saying any of it is okay or cool but we are young as hell & not married I don't expect no n***a not to cheat. All these n***as cheat bruh! ALL OF THEM."

Meanwhile, Bernice Burgos has been linked to the likes of Suge Knight, Drake, Trey Songz, and Quavo. She also hooked up with T.I. and had an online quarrel with Tip's wife Tiny and her daughter Zonnique. T.I. and Tiny almost got divorce due to the drama.

She hasn't commented on the Lil Baby rumors, but one of her daughters Amarie left this comment on one of the Instagram blogs, "None of y'all kno(w) who her man is [face palm]."

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