Jameela Jamil Admits to Choosing 'Inappropriate' Time to Come Out as Queer

The 'Good Place' actress says she could have chosen a better opportunity to come out as queer as she's accused of trying to detract attention from backlash of her TV show.

AceShowbiz - Jameela Jamil has admitted she chose an "inappropriate" time to come out as queer.

"The Good Place star came out on Twitter last week.

She revealed her sexual orientation after she was attacked online for signing on as the host of a new TV show vogueing competition show inspired by the legendary underground LGBTQ+ club scene.

While some fans praised the actress for being brave enough to go public with her sexuality, others suggested the move was calculated - and designed to detract attention from the backlash surrounding her latest presenting gig.

And in a post on Instagram on Monday, Jameela acknowledged she could have chosen a better opportunity to make her announcement.

"Well. Last week was a perfect clusterf**k," she began. "It was completely overwhelming. The sequence of events was insane, a misunderstanding was left uncorrected for too long, and misinformation spread too far, too fast."

"Then my timing was bad, and in a moment of distress and pain, personal things were blurted out because when you have a secret for decades and you're traumatised, it always feels like it might just f**king burst out of you at any given moment, even the most inappropriate and unfortunate ones."

"I thankfully chose the *most* inappropriate and unfortunate time, maybe ever, for mine. So now you don’t have to feel embarrassed about yours."

The British TV star added that she's been inundated with messages of support since coming out, as well as messages from others going public to her with their sexual identities.

Concluding her post, Jameela continued, "Do it whenever you feel the time is right, as long as you think you'll be safe. Don't feel bad for hiding it for as long as you need, and move at your own pace. But feel no shame about getting it off your chest and know you aren't alone."

"There is a huge community of people who understand you, respect you and stand with you. On we go, hoping this week will be calmer than the last, and sending everyone the most love. Jam."

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