The 'Righteous Gemstones' star admits it was 'pretty stunning' to receive a phone call from the 'Follow God' rapper, who wanted the comedian to play him in a movie.

AceShowbiz - Should a Kanye West biopic see the light of day, Danny McBride may be taking the lead role of the "Black Skinhead" hitmaker. Yes, the rapper himself once asked the white actor/comedian to portray him in a film about him.

The "This Is the End" star recalls the surreal moment he got the offer in an interview with The Guardian. "Kanye asked me to play him in a movie of his life," he says with a laugh. "That was a pretty stunning phone call to get."

Fans might be confused to hear that West chose McBride to play him and they're not alone. The "Vice Principals" alum himself had no idea why the 42-year-old hip-hop star wanted him for the part, while they don't bear any physical resemblance. "I don't know why he wanted me to do it. Maybe that sense of ego I'm able to portray? I have no clue," he shares.

McBride first talked about getting the offer from West in July 2019. Stopping by "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to promote his HBO series "The Righteous Gemstones", he recalled his special moment after moving to Charleston.

"I had a pretty interesting guest shortly after we moved there," he told host Jimmy Kimmel. "One day I got a phone call out of nowhere and the voice sounded familiar, but I wasn't sure who it was. I was like, 'Hello?' and he was like, 'Hey, is Danny there?' He was like, 'This is Kanye West.' " McBride recalled, "I thought it was a joke. He basically said that he was a fan of mine and wanted to come hang out."

The rapper then jetted down to Charleston where they met up and hung out on a boat. "He had an idea for a project that I think was a pretty brilliant idea," the "Tropic Thunder" actor recounted. "He wanted to do a movie about the story of his life and he wanted me to play him."

Finding it hard to believe, Kimmel asked at one point, "Are you sure this happened? Because you've done drugs, right?" He then jokingly suggested himself to play Kim Kardashian in the supposed biopic, "If you can play him I could play her, right?"

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