London Da Track's Ex Tells Him to Have His Own Baby With Summer Walker Amid Custody Battle

The 'Come Thru' singer finds herself entangled in a family drama between her boyfriend and his two baby mamas as he is seeking full custody of his children.

AceShowbiz - Summer Walker was dragged into the drama between her boyfriend London Da Track and his baby mamas Eboni and Erica. Eboni told the "Come Thru" singer to have her own baby with London as he was seeking full custody of his children with his two former girlfriends.

"Really what type s***y a** n***a tries to sue both his baby moms for full custody," Eboni wrote on her Instagram Story. She added in another note, "This musty ugly b***h p***y must be polluted. Y the f**k they can't have their own baby and leave mine out of it."

Summer was quick to respond. "Will y'all leave me out of y'all s**t. Handle y'all s**t wit y'all baby father. [rolling eyes] always @'ting me. We have nothing to discuss." The 23-year-old star went on to call both Eboni and Erica "clout" chasers.

Meanwhile, Erica wrote her own Story. "Tell me I'm looking for clout when I haven't seen my 3 ur old son since Christmas. That's the bigger picture. Bye."

London Da Track didn't comment on the bickering between his girlfriend and his baby mamas, but he addressed his decision to take his exes to court. "Just to provide sum clarity on this situation," he said. "My priority as a father will always be my children first and foremost."

"Social media ain't how I handle my family issues I'm choosin to speak on this one time so that my actions have the necessary context and my intentions is communicated. Im a father that simply loves my children and works hard to secure their future. I look forward to having my day in court."

Erica reacted, "Once again, u wish I was mad about you. You contradicting yourself by saying u don't do social media and then try to bait somebody to respond."

"My posts were about my son and me healing from the damage u caused while with me," she continued, referring to her previous stories about motherhood and her kid's premature birth.

"Just bring my baby home and I promise you won't hear a ting from me. Yo know I never keep him from u. Go live your life with your new girl and give me my son, it's simple. I left u how long ago? And I stopped talking to u for how long? I'm not the one u was still f**king on."

"U knew we were dead once those secret babies care out so stop. I didn't even know u had a gf til u told me in person. All the clout and all the money in the world can't help you try to paint the picture of me wanting anything yall got going on."

"You just mad I'm doing better than I was, which is sad. You would think you'd be happy for your sons mother not needing you," she penned, before suggesting that London manipulated his current girlfriend Summer. "I can't be mad at her either .. u hella manipulative and she has no kids.. somebody gotta be the adult. I just miss my baby."

Erica also claimed London was asking for child support from her besides seeking a full custody. "It's that season though. I see a lot of men trying to take custody from untamable women," she added. "Just because u don't need me and I don't need u, doesn't mean our son doesn't need both parents."

Erica used to defend London Da Track against his other exes when they blasted him after he went public with his romance with Summer Walker. She said back then, "From my understanding the other mothers make it hard for him to see them without any relations. This new relationship sidelined the 2 baby mamas he was dealing with and they are reacting."

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