NeNe Leakes Disses Kenya Moore's Marriage Amid 'RHOA' Beef

On a new video, NeNe says Kenya has no reason to interfere in her conversation with Cynthia Bailey and accuses her of invading each other's personal space by putting her finger in front of her face.

AceShowbiz - NeNe Leakes is revealing her side of the "Snake Bye" episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" which aired on Sunday, January 12. She talked in a YouTube video about the episode, in which the ladies were trying to figure out who was the snake, who allegedly had an audio of Cynthia Bailey talking bad about NeNe.

According to NeNe, her foe Kenya Moore was trying to make her friend Gail "Yovanna" Momplaisir appear to be the snake. At one point, NeNe was seen trying to explain things to Chyntia and that was when Kenya interrupted. She told NeNe, "You should have said it when you had the time to say it, NeNe. You had the floor." NeNe then snapped at her and things got ugly as they had to be physically pulled apart.

On her YouTube channel, NeNe said she snapped because Kenya had no reason to interfere in her conversation with Cynthia. She accused her of invading each other's personal space by putting her finger in front of her face.

"She stretches and put her finger all the way in my face. So let's start right there," she said. "So there's a rule, but you know the rules don't apply for me, that when there's a heated exchange, you do not get in people's personal space. That's a rule among us, especially ever since Kenya put the scepter in Porsha [Williams]'s face, it has been a clear rule that when words are being exchanged, you stay out of people's personal space. When she put her hand all the way in my face, listen, right over here in between my eyes, you know I wasn't going to go for that. That's crazy."

"I was just like, listen, this is not cool," the Bravo personality continued. "So when I ran out the room to say I wanted to talk to her, I kept saying I wanted to talk to her because they've got to stop doing this. Don't violate me. The rules are the rules."

"Putting your hand in somebody's face -- it had nothing to do with her," she said of Kenya. "I was trying to talk to Cynthia. I wasn't talking to her at all. So it was just crazy. I was only talking to Cynthia. She didn't have to do that, because if I did it, all hell would break loose."

NeNe also denied spitting on Kenya, unlike what she claimed before during interviews. "Do I ever spit on Kenya? No! Why she went and told those lies, is again, to be malicious. And her putting her hand in my face is just a no," she said in the video. "She shouldn't do it and everything should be fair for every single one of us."

NeNe then advised Kenya to focus on her marriage instead. "I know one thing, Kenya need to worry about her own marriage. Okay? That’s what she need to do," she blasted her nemesis. "Stop worrying about somebody else's marriage and their relationship. Girl, you haven't even been able to keep none of the men that you've ever brought on the show. They're all gone with the wind. You should cut it out."

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