Artist of the Week: Justin Bieber

Just because the Canadian superstar has been going on a hiatus prior to his comeback, it doesn't mean that he has lost his touch in music, as proven by his newest single 'Yummy'.

AceShowbiz - First charming the world through his debut single "One Time", Justin Bieber has now been dubbed the Prince of Pop by people in the music industry. And while he has been going on a hiatus to focus on his health, it doesn't mean he has lost his touch when he made his comeback through "Yummy". Instead, he has come back stronger than ever.

Released on January 3, "Yummy" was praised for the song's R&B song, with Billboard noting that the song brought back "the flirtatious Bieber we've missed and been waiting for." Forbes' Bryan Rolli, on the other hand, called the song a "win, an inevitable chart smash" and opined that it is "sure to sound even better when 50,000 fans scream it every night on his upcoming tour."

The song was also doing well in the music charts ahead of its Billboard's Hot 100 debut. Within merely three days, it made it to the top forty of airplay charts and debuted at No. 13 on Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100. As fans continued to stream "Yummy" after its release, it has been predicted that the song will likely debut within the top ten of Hot 100.

"Yummy" serves as the lead single off Justin's upcoming album, which still doesn't have a title nor a release date. Details of the record have yet to be revealed too, though Justin, who is the most-subscribed artist on YouTube, has promised that his new docuseries "Seasons" will take viewers behind the scenes to show his process of creating new music and the motivation for his fifth studio album.

The docuseries will premiere on January 27 on YouTube. Furthermore, in support of the album, Justin will embark on a tour that will kick off on May 14 and take him throughout North America in the summer.

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