Lil Baby's Girlfriend Jayda Cheaves and His Ex Throw Shade at Each Other

It all starts after Jayda asks her Twitter followers the way to keep a man, and the answers that she receives apparently prompts her to throw a shade at her nemesis Ayesha.

AceShowbiz - Lil Baby's girlfriend Jayda Cheaves clearly doesn't have the best relationship with his other baby mama Ayesha. On Tuesday, January 7, the two ladies were throwing shades at each other after Jayda asked her Twitter followers the way to keep a man.

Most of the answers she received was to cook and clean for the man, which she didn't agree to. One of her followers apparently shared the same thought as saying, "Lol women that's think cooking for they man is such a BIG accomplishment kill me." In response to that, Jayda wrote, "But h** be cooking and still have no man though. So ion get it."

People quickly suspected that Jayda was throwing shade at Ayesha, who also thought the same. She hit back on Instagram Stories, "If y'all praised health like y'all praised a man the inside of your p***y would be clean keep it cute sis."

An alleged DM conversation between Ayesha and a gossip blog later surfaced online and showed the former taking shots at Jayda. She said Jayda is "sick and in competition with a grown a** lady that don't even think about her big head funny built a**." Ayesha also accused her nemesis of trying to "steal my shine and the slow H** still don't get that she could never out do me in anything s**t she had to give birth just to keep our cheating a** baby daddy around Jayda slow."

Ayesha was referring to the cheating drama surrounding her, Jayda and Baby in 2018. At the time, the rapper admitted to cheating but assured that him and his girlfriend are still dating. "You my baby mama of course I done f***ed you!! That's my fault ima n***a but come on now you know Jayda my girl!! Like you too old for that s**t!!!" he said. "I ain't with the internet s**t but you tripping!! I've told her I f***ed you my n***a you being real goofy!!"

Later in February 2019, Baby and Jayda welcomed their first child together.

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