The rapper and Instagram model Rojean Kar a.k.a. SweetYungRo recently were spotted having an outing together at a Houston Rockets game as Rojean is accompanying the musician on tour.

AceShowbiz - Travis Scott (II) is seemingly moving on just fine. After splitting with baby mama Kylie Jenner, the "Astroworld" rapper is reportedly giving his side chick a promotion, making her his main chick.

Travis was said to be secretly dating beautiful young Instagram model Rojean Kar a.k.a. SweetYungRo when it was reported that he broke up with the makeup mogul. The pair recently were spotted having an outing together at a Houston Rockets game as Rojean is accompanying the musician on tour, sparking speculations that she's now Travis' main chick.

"She was sittin the box suite where I work Travis brought her in at the beginning of the game then came up 3 times to check on her durin the game," an eyewitness claimed. "When the game was over he came back up they sat together holdin hands and had a drink."

The eyewitness claimed that Rojean was "so sweet," adding that she was the "nicest celebrity I ever met."

Being Travis' side chick also had its own downside, including getting her career sabotaged by Kylie. In a post on her Instagram Stories, Rojean wrote, "i wish the truth would just reveal itself. it's frustrating knowing it never will because everyone's either scared, paid off, or aware that there's no way to come out victorious when dealing with these people because they have so much control in so many places including the media, and consequently, the minds and pockets of the public."

Rojean also insisted that she "didn't do anything wrong" and was just "a victim of the internet being crazy." She continued, "It's just sad to see how someone with all that money and fame is still concerned with little insignificant me, someone who's done nothing to her."

However, Travis appeared to be wanting to get back together with Kylie, whom he still considered as his "wife." The rapper gave a shout-out to his baby mama over the weekend as he took the stage at his second annual Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas.

Travis thanked Kylie for her support as she watched him with her friends from the side of the stage surrounded by tight securities. The 27-year-old hip hop star called the 22-year-old reality TV star his "wife" more than once, earning loud cheers from the concertgoers.

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