Ozzy Osbourne Credits Wife Sharon for Keeping Him Alive
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Aside from praising his manager wife, the Black Sabbath frontman spills the sacrifice his father took upon himself so that he could have a microphone and amplifier to pursue career in music.

AceShowbiz - Ozzy Osbourne is convinced he'd be dead if it wasn't for his manager/wife Sharon Osbourne.

The heavy rocker, who is currently recovering from a fall at his home, insists all his success can be traced back to Sharon.

"I know that without a shadow of a doubt if it wasn't for my wife Sharon, I wouldn't be here now, I wouldn't be alive," Ozzy tells WENN. "She pushed me when I needed it. She yelled at me when I needed it."

"At the time I didn't think I wanted to be yelled at, but in the long run, you got to get off your butt and you got to get to what you're here to do. And I believe that's what I'm here to do!".

And he admits he knew very early in their relationship that she was the one for him when she stuck by him when they had no money.

"When we started off, I can remember, we were both broke, no credit cards, nothing," he adds. "We'd have all the cash from the gig in a briefcase and we'd have to stay in these really cheap hotels, like motorway hotels."

"The briefcase with cash in it was handcuffed to my wrist 'cause if we got ripped off, we were done. But it was fun, because we had nothing to lose, and everything to gain! We'd beg, borrow, and steal."

Ozzy also credits his dad for giving him his start as a singer, explaining his father went into debt so his troubled son could have a microphone and amplifier.

"He knew the passion I had for the music," the rocker explains. "I didn't have much of an education, because I'm a dyslexic, attention-deficit, so I can't sit still for more than five minutes. And he saw that passion, and he went into debt for me."

"It was $500 dollars, or something like that. We couldn't afford it, but he bought me a PA system and a microphone. Not a big PA system, a little one. But, because he got me a microphone and a mic stand and a small PA, I got gigs because I was the first singer to have that equipment. It was a way of getting into bands. If you had your own PA, you had the tools for the job."

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