Whoopi Goldberg Savagely Hits Back at PETA for Criticizing Her Over Love for Bacon

In an episode of 'The View', the 63-year-old host and actress says she loves bacon even though she knows she isn't 'supposed to, I know it's the scum of the Earth.'

AceShowbiz - PETA has picked a new target. The animal rights organization recently take a jab at Whoopi Goldberg over her remarks in the Friday, October 18 episode of "The View". During the particular episode, the ladies were discussing a vegan person called the police after being tricked into eating chicken nuggets, before the discussion shifted to vegan patties.

When Sunny Hostin expressed her love for the meat-friendly patties that the crew has "only once a week," Whoopi was seen giving the former prosecutor a side-eye. "How old do I look to you?" she later spoke up. "I don't want that. I don't want it [and] I don't like it. What I don't want is no choice." She then declared her love for bacon even though she isn't "supposed to, I know it's the scum of the Earth. I want the bacon, I like the bacon... you don't have to eat it."

"No one should tell you that you can't have something. If you're going to serve it, serve it and make sure everybody whose culinary tastes are not yours gets an opportunity," she continued, before revealing that she doesn't "come here on Friday's because of this." Whoopi added, "Now, some people might feel that I'm a little angry. Maybe I am [because] I haven't had any pork so I had to eat this vegetable-grown grass."

Following the segment, PETA took a jab at Whoopi along with a video of a piglet suffering. "We can't help but call out Whoopi Goldberg for her rant on 'The View' over... bacon," the tweet read. "Really, Whoopi? Eating bacon is your Friday cause? Your 'choice' really hurts. Be kind."

But Whoopi wasn't having it at all and was quick to hit back at the nonprofit organization. "Hey I understand @peta is making a fuss because I like bacon," she wrote on Twitter. "I never said I was a vegan & just like I want choice over my body I want the same 4 what goes into my body. I would NEVER suggest that ANYONE pressure any 1 of YOU 2change your vegan habits. Go eat a couch if you want."

PETA has given its response to Whoopi, saying, "Animals should have a choice though. Eating bacon causes enormous suffering and ends a pig's life. It's so easy to make choices that don't support suffering and death. We urge you to consider back."

Whoopi has not responded further.

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