Nivea Admits the Irony of Becoming Friends With Lil Wayne's Other Baby Mama Lauren London

The 'Laundromat' singer, who got pregnant with Lil Wayne's child the same time Lauren was carrying his, reveals she 'became very close' with the 'Entourage' alum after she broke things up with the rapper.

AceShowbiz - Nivea called it quits with Lil Wayne after she found out that he two-timed her with Lauren London, but she never held a grudge against her. In fact, the singer became friends with the actress when they were both pregnant by Lil Wayne.

In an interview with VLADTV published on Wednesday, October 16, the Grammy-nominated artist opened up about how she reconnected with Lil Wayne after they broke up for the first time in 2003 and she became pregnant with his child around the same time Lauren was carrying his. Nivea said she and the rapper rekindled their romance in 2007 following her divorce from The-Dream.

At the time, Lil Wayne was expecting a son, Dwayne Carter II, with his ex Sarah Vivian, but she didn't mind it because the child was conceived while they weren't together. However, Nivea couldn't accept it when she found out Lauren was pregnant with the "Lollipop" spitter's child, who was due three months ahead of hers.

"I found out the day I was confirmed pregnant with our son that he had another one that should be expected three months ahead of ours," the 37-year-old shared. "I'm like 'Wow.' Then my mama died. So yeah, life!"

She then broke things up with Lil Wayne, admitting, "I ended our relationship while I was carrying our son was because I couldn't take that. I thought I could. I'm a different type of woman. I was like, 'You know what? You love me? F**k it!' But then I realized that's not what I wanted. So I let it go."

Nivea recalled how she built a friendship with Lauren after the complicated situation and her family tragedy. "It was very crushing, then she and I became very close, ironically, after he and I decided to let it go," she said. Praising the actress/model as "a real good friend" during her mother's death, Nivea added, "I know that sounds weird, but we were two people going through something that was along the lines of humiliating. It felt like, who else could you share this oddly unique situation with?"

"We called each other to get information because she and I were both previous relationships of his in our younger years as well," she went on explaining. "But it was our first time ever talking. We talked about all kinds of stuff from the past and in that we connected as friends. It's still a testament to the type of man he is because all of his baby mothers, we're all cool with each other. We get now that the children are here, damn it! They're here now. You can't take nothing back. So we are the best mothers that I've ever seen in a group with the same baby father. I think it's amazing."

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