Gretchen Wilson Booted From Hotel in the Middle of the Night
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The 'Redneck Woman' singer takes to social media to vent her anger after she was kicked out of a hotel as fellow guests complained that she was being too loud.

AceShowbiz - Country star Gretchen Wilson was asked to leave a hotel in New Mexico following a performance on Saturday, October 12 for disturbing fellow guests.

Police were called to her room at the Hotel Encanto following complaints she was being "super loud," according to TV network KVIA in El Paso, Texas and they asked her to vacate the premises "in the middle of the night."

Gretchen has since taken to Twitter to confirm the story and blast bosses at the hotel, urging fans to put them "out of business."

"Was a guest in Las Cruces NM (festival) yest (yesterday) & had a blast w/ (with) the people there," Wilson writes. "However, you should all band together to put Hotel Encanto out of business. Had to wait 2 hrs for breakfast. Then they sent police to kick me out in the middle of the night for no reason. I complied. Home early."

A police source has confirmed they responded to a call from hotel staff, who claimed they visited the "Redneck Woman" singer's room on several occasions and asked her to comply with hotel rules.

According to KVIA, she told one night manager, "I paid for the room (and) I could care less what people think."

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