Shakira Promises 'a Whole Performance in Five Minutes' for Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show

The 'Underneath Your Clothes' hitmaker, whose 43rd birthday coincides with the biggest football event, reveals that she's full of ideas for her upcoming joint performance with Jennifer Lopez.

AceShowbiz - Shakira bragged Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show would be her best performance. The "Hips Don't Lie" singer has been set to headline the event along with Jennifer Lopez on the very day she turns 43, and she has promised to deliver a spectacle.

In an interview on "Beats 1", the Colombian singer told host Zane Lowe, "It's gonna be on my birthday! I've always wanted to perform at the Super Bowl. I think it's the holy grail of the entertainment industry." She elaborated, "It's a sports event but it has a huge relevance for us artists and I think it's gonna be fantastic and I'm gonna be celebrating my birthday with 100 million people."

The longtime partner of Gerard Pique further spilled on how she'd been preparing for the show ever since it was unraveled in September that she was one of its headliners. "Every day, I have a new idea so now it's a matter of making them all work together and having the time to consolidate all of that and present the best show of my career," she gushed.

"It's gonna be very short, therefore very nerve-wracking, I think," she admitted, before jokingly adding, "A whole performance in five minutes!"

During the chat, Shakira also talked about the moment Jay-Z called her to ask her about being a part of the show. "He called me, and he asked me if I wanted to be a part of that," the "Beautiful Liar" singer recalled. "And of course I didn't hesitate. I said, 'Of course, count on me.' "

As for her collaboration with Jennifer, the 42-year-old said, "I feel that's gonna be great because she also represents a really important part of the Latino community who lives in the U.S. - who's being born and raised in the U.S. - and in a way, I feel that I'm representing another part of the Latin world. I think this is gonna be an event to celebrate Latin culture and the importance of women also in the industry."

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