Farrah Abraham's 10-Year-Old Daughter Is in Therapy, Swears During Interview

'We do a lot of family therapy because of her not having her father and also being in the public eye,' the former 'Teen Mom OG' star reveals about her and Derek Underwood's, who died in a car accident, daughter.

AceShowbiz - Farrah Abraham goes candid about her daughter Sophia's life. The former "Teen Mom OG" star recently shared that the 10-year-old is going to therapy following the death of her father, Derek Underwood, who died in a car accident.

"We do a lot of family therapy because of her not having her father and also being in the public eye," Farrah explained in an interview with Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast this week. "She gets so much hate for being online schooled or home schooled. Sophia doesn’t pay attention to cyber bullying. She is just totally overcoming it."

"Whatever works for Sophia for making her feel strong, that's what I'm about," she added.

The MTV personality also opened up about her struggles of being a mother when she was just a teenager years ago. "I can't even tell you. From being a teen who's pregnant, trying to graduate high school early, start college early…there was just so much change that went on during those eight months I was pregnant. When Sophia popped out, my whole life was different," Abraham admitted.

In related news, the mother and daughter duo were under fire after the latter was caught cussing in an interview with Daily Mail TV. "How do you ya'll come out with such a positive attitude when you've lived drama for so long in front of everyone, you know what I mean?" the interviewer asked.

Sophie then replied, "I just ignore it! And be like 'You're a f*****g hater!' " Farrah then immediately tried to correct her young daughter, "No! We don't call anyone names!"

Seemingly unfazed by the cursing fiasco, Farrah shared the video on her Instagram account for everyone to watch. It didn't take long until her followers noticed about Sophia cursing in the video as one wrote in the comment section, "Did she just cuss?"

"Great pArenting letting your child curse!" one other parent-shamed Farrah. Someone else commented, "Yea wonder where she gets the cussing from??!! Then farrah stops her! Whatever she learns everything that pours out of her so called mothers mouth!!"

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