Fans Are Baffled After Lori Harvey and P. Diddy Go to Strip Club With Son Justin Combs

'This Diddy and Lori Harvey situationship makes me feel soo uncomfortable for some reason,' one fan notes about the night out of the trio as Lori reportedly dated Justin before.

AceShowbiz - Sean "P. Diddy" Combs is having a family affair. The rapper mogul was spotted spending the night at Magic City strip club in Atlanta, not only with girlfriend Lori Harvey but also his son Justin Combs. The outing was surprising and successfully confused fans.

In a video that circulated online, Diddy was seen rapping along the song that played in the background. Upon seeing the clip, fans were baffled since it was rumored that Lori used to be in a romantic relationship with Justin before dating her dad.

"This is so strange!!!" one fan noted about the night out of the trio. Another fan commented, "Sis really getting passed around," with one person confessed that "this love triangle thing got me so confused....."

"This Diddy and Lori Harvey situationship makes me feel soo uncomfortable for some reason," someone else shared. "She f**ked the father, the son, only the holy ghost left," one other joked.

However, the fact that the three of them comfortably hung out despite the rumors made some people doubt there was even truth in the rumors between Lori and Justin. "I'm starting to think she never dealt with Justin in that way... cause I REFUSE to believe she could really get down like that," a person said, while one other wrote, "I'm starting to think diddy and lori been had a thing and his son was a cover up."

In related news, Diddy had broken his silence on Lori's pregnancy rumors. The couple sparked speculations that they were expecting their first child together after he was spotted rubbing the 22-year-old's belly during their trip in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. However, sources revealed to TMZ that the gesture was just "playful" one.

It was said that he was "just playing" when he reached out for his boo's midsection. In fact, the rapper allegedly was complimenting Harvey on her strong abs.

Despite rumors of them splitting, Lori and Diddy appeared to be inseparable. Following their getaway in Mexico, the step-daughter of Steve Harvey accompanied her beau to Atlanta, Georgia, where he was the headlining performer of the REVOLT Summit x AT&T Summit.

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