Yung Miami's Friend Blasts Her After Rapper Calls Her Out for Being a Nicki Minaj Fan

Describing the whole situation as 'dumb,' makeup mogul Big Marcy takes to Instagram Stories to write, 'Lmfao I can't believe it's a crime to be a Nicki Minaj fan.'

AceShowbiz - Being friends with a female rapper won't stop people from supporting other female emcees, and that's apparently what Yung Miami's friend has in mind. Makeup mogul Big Marcy recently took a jab at the one half of City Girls after the latter appeared to call her out for supporting Nicki Minaj more than herself.

Over the weekend, Miami took to Instagram Stories to seemingly blast Big Marcy as writing, "B***es will go hard for a b***h they don't know but won't support the ppl they do know!" When people started speculating that she might be dissing Megan Thee Stallion, Miami was quick to shut the speculation down and revealed that it was a non-celebrity friend.

But Big Marcy, who is a big fan of the Trinidadian beauty, was more than convinced that the post was directed to her and proceeded to hit back at Miami. "Lmfao I can't believe it's a crime to be a Nicki Minaj fan," she wrote, before alluding that Miami had never supported her too, "I'll never ever hate on anything my friends do but I will not continue to support someone I actually know who never ever supported me!!!!!!"

Despite the diss, Big Marcy tried to see it in a positive light because thanks to that, she finally knew how Miami had been feeling all this time. Reminding the pregnant star that she had always supported her when nobody did, Big Marcy continued, "Before any fame I ALWAYS Supported you out of all people I always did!! Even when you was trying to push your boutique I was tryna to help you you know that."

She added, "I never been shady to you you always let people get in your ear per usual about me and this been going on for yearsssssss since we got out of high school!" Big Marcy went on saying that she always recorded herself rapping to Miami's songs whenever she released a new one as a way to support her in addition to posting about her albums and singles. "I can still be a supporter of you and other people too!" she said.

Concluding her post, Big Marcy said, "This my last time speaking on this dumb situation cause idc I don't ever go at it on Instagram with anyone I ever called my friend."

Miami has yet to respond to the clapback.

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