GOT7's Jackson Wang Gets Fans Drooling Over His Shirtless Bottle Cap Challenge Video

The K-Pop star leaves his fans thirsting over his washboard abs as he decided to film the cheeky video after exercising late at night when he wasn't able to sleep.

AceShowbiz - K-Pop star Jackson Wang just wins the Bottle Cap Challenge with his shirtless video. The GOT7 member took to his social media accounts on late Monday, July 15 to share his version of the viral competition when he wasn't able to sleep.

At his first attempt, he tried to unscrew the bottle cap with his kick, but failed. He then took a deep breath while lifting one of his hands and moving his fingers as if he used his magic powers to make the cap fly open.

He then walked away while slinging a towel over his shoulder. "I really can't sleep yall... okay last one," he captioned the video. "Tell me if you feel the [power] alright close my eyes drop my phone #bottlecapchallenge #jacsonwang #blessed."

While the magic hand twist is quite special, it was Jackson's sculpted body that gained a lot of attention. The 25-year-old hunk did the challenge while wearing nothing but black spandex pants in the clip which was filmed at a gym, leaving his fans drooling over his washboard abs.

"Yes please sleep. You killing us," one fan reacted on Twitter. Another cheekily commented on the video, "Look okay, if only you grabbed that shirt before you filmed this, life would be easier for for us." Someone else left a comment which read, "Thanks, I really APPRECIATE IT, MY HEART IS NOT OKAY BUT THANK YOU."

Earlier that night, Jackson shared a shirtless photo of him at the gym. He revealed that he decided to exercise because he wasn't able to sleep just yet. "Im okay... no worries! Can't sleep so went for a 500+ calories sprint... join me next time ?" he wrote in the caption.

The post prompted similar reactions, like one that read, "How to survive if you keep posting like this." Some others edited the picture to put on some clothes on shirtless Jackson. "heres my shirt sweetie I dont want you to catch a cold," one posted along with a meme.

Jackson shared the Bottle Cap Challenge video and the shirtless selfie just a few days after he left GOT7 concert in Mexico City earlier due to health reasons. The Hong Kong-born rapper/singer was performing with his bandmates at the Palacio De Los Deportes when fans noticed he stopped dancing halfway through a song and stepped aside to catch his breath. He eventually left the show while the rest of the members finished the show.

Jackson later took to Twitter to assure fans that he's okay. "It was a memorable experience in Mexico. Got a little food poisoning, all good, took the medicine," he posted on Sunday, July 14. "Sorry about not hanging til the very end, love you all."

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