Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise's UFC Fight May Be Happening for Real Judging by Secret Phone Call
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This arrives after UFC President Dana White reveals that he gets some phone calls from 'real guys' connected to the 'Baby' singer and the movie star, claiming the pair are up for a face-off.

AceShowbiz - People, we may be seeing Justin Bieber fighting Tom Cruise in the Octagon after all! The Canadian pop star may not have actually been when he sent that tweet of challenging the movie star to a UFC fight, but it seems like it still may happen. TMZ reported that Justin's team recently had a phone call with Dana White, the president of the UFC.

During the phone call, Ari Emanuel, co-CEO of the William Morris Endeavor Agency that owns the Ultimate Fighting Championship, allegedly said that the fight between the "Sorry" hitmaker and the 56-year-old actor would be "epic" and it "[needs] to happen." Dana was also said to be echoing the sentiment.

Meanwhile, Scooter Braun, Justin's manager, revealed that the 25-year-old heartthrob would definitely be down for the fight. Ari added on the call that he believed Tom would agree to hit the Octagon for a mixed martial arts match opposite Justin, who is 31 years his junior.

This arrives after Dana revealed he got some phone calls from "real guys" connected to the superstars, claiming the pair are up for a face-off. While Dana wouldn't say who he spoke with, he revealed they told him both Tom and Justin "really wanna do this fight."

"I told them that if that's true - and everybody involved really wants to do it - we can talk," he shared. "I'd be an idiot not to make this fight! That would be the easiest fight to promote in the history of my career."

Justin previously baffled fans when he took to Twitter to share his wish to brawl with the "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" star. "I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to fight in the octagon. Tom if you dont take this fight your scared and you will never live it down (sic)," Justin tweeted, adding, "Who is willing to put on the fight? @danawhite ?"

However, the husband of Hailey Baldwin later insisted that he "was just playing." The singer told photographers while out and about in Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 12 that he was just bored when he posted the tweet.

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