50 Cent Blasts Tony Robbins for Using N-Word and Calling Black People 'Slave' in Resurfaced Clip

In the video, the self-help guru tells a predominantly black audience that if any black person is still offended by the racial slurs, that means they 'are still a slave.'

AceShowbiz - It seems like troubles keep coming towards self-help guru Tony Robbins. Following sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him, an old video of him repeatedly using N-word during a seminar has resurfaced online. Unsurprisingly, many people are not happy with that and are quick to take shots at the 59-year-old. Among them is 50 Cent.

In the video, which was first published by BuzzFeed, Robbins was seen instructing a predominantly black audience to sing racial slurs in an attempt to encourage mental freedom. It got worse as he suggested that if any black person was offended by the slur, they "are still a slave."

He said, "As long as someone calls you n***a and get that kind of response, I seen you right now, where you're ready to explode, then what you've done is given that person absolute control over you. You have no control in your life. You are still a slave."

He later asked the audience to "pretend that I'm black" before leading the group to sing, "I'm a n****r, be a n****r too." The audience who watched his speech at the time gasped, laughed and clapped as he continued to detail how he overcame racial differences with this militant black group.

Cent shared the clip on his Instagram account, calling out Robbins for his action in the video. "What the f**k kinda point were you trying to prove," the "In Da Club" hitmaker wrote, adding that Oprah Winfrey "is not cool with this s**t."

Meanwhile, white people have come to Robbins' defense, suggesting that the life coach and philanthropist actually "made a pretty good point," but others quickly shut them down. "Because you white ov course it's clear to you but whit Milky Way is that clear to you ?" one said. Another agreed, but stated that "he and EVERY other WHITE person needs to leave this ALONE!"

Robbins' attorney has since issued a statement responding to the backlash. "It is evident that after the BuzzFeed article authored by you regarding our clients was so thoroughly rejected and ignored by the public, that BuzzFeed has now resorted to scouring the internet for any historical content featuring Mr. Robbins that you can attempt to spin a negative fashion," his attorney said.

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