Kourtney Kardashian's Ex Fling Luka Sabbat at War With Beyonce Fans After He Disses Singer

Following the attack leveled against him, the 'Grown-ish' actor insists that he has nothing but respect for the singing diva, but he's tired of seeing her huge fan base.

AceShowbiz - It seems like Luka Sabbat has had enough of seeing Beyonce Knowles' name on his Twitter account, so he has decided to mute the word. While he is actually free to do what he can given that it is his own social media account, the fact that he lets the world know whom he mutes on his page has successfully angered a lot of Beyonce fans. Thus, they are unsurprisingly coming after her.

This began after he took to the blue bird to ask his followers how to mute a word on the site. Once he got the hang of it, he followed it up with a screenshow showing that the words, "Bey" and "Beyonce" have been muted from his account. Even though he had deleted the image, a lot of fans had seen the photo and were quick to blast him. Luka didn't let them say as they please, though.

Luka Sabbat's Twitter.

Luka Sabbar asked how to mute words on Twitter.

Answering to a Bey fan who accused him of getting tired of "seeing fans celebrate black woman who just released a documentary uplifting historically black colleges and universities," the "Grown-ish" actor stressed, "I respect and I like everything Beyonce does see. That's not the issue, it's actually that her she is so insanely famous and her fan base is so intense and huge. I need a break."

When a follower asked him why did he do that, Luka insisted once again, "Ain't nothing with her. She's a legend. But her fan base is mad annoying and I'm tired of seeing a million things about her on my timeline." He continued in another tweet, "The fans are gormless but think they are so woke that they are an upper election of human beings."

All the exchanges have since been deleted by the former fling of Kourtney Kardashian.

Luka Sabbat's Twitter.

Luka Sabbat fired back at Beyhives.

Luka Sabbat's Twitter.

Luka Sabbar continued attacking Beyhives after they blasted him.

Despite deleting his messages, that doesn't mean he stopped attacking fans of the "Crazy in Love" hitmaker too. "They beyhive goes harder than the US army. Hats off," he said, adding, "Beyhive bout to have me wearing some black airforces soon."

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