Mark McGrath Stresses Going Deaf Remark Is 'Taken Way Out of Context'

In response to an article about the damage he sustained to his hearing, the Sugar Ray frontman insists that he is still able to perform 'for many years to come.'

AceShowbiz - Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath has played down "entirely misleading" reports suggesting he has gone deaf.

The frontman, 51, hit headlines on Wednesday, April 03, following comments he made about the damage he had sustained to his hearing after "years and years of being on the road" during an interview on DailyMailTV.

"I'm deaf now. I cannot hear any more," he purportedly told the outlet. "So high frequencies, I can't hear anymore. I'll be listening to people and they'll tell me their names and I can't hear anymore."

"It's scary because my job is hearing. (The future) is absolutely a worry of mine."

The news prompted an outpouring of sympathetic messages from fans, but on Thursday, McGrath took to Twitter to clarify his remarks, insisting the loss of hearing really isn't that bad.

"Though it's true I've lost some hearing in one ear (a common occurrence in this profession), this headline is entirely misleading, and taken way out of context...," he wrote in response to an Entertainment Tonight Canada article about his remarks, which was titled, "Mark McGrath Opens Up About Going 'Deaf' After Years Of Performing With Sugar Ray".

"Fortunately, (or unfortunately to some!) I look forward to performing for many years to come!" Mark continued. "Thanks for the concern."

The "Fly" hitmaker also received an empathetic message from fellow singer Richard Marx, who shared his own hearing woes: "My tinnitus grows steadily worse every year," he commented. "I feel for all of us who devote our lives to making music and fear eventual silence."

Replying to his peer, McGrath posted, "Totally worth the sacrifice, when your (sic) fortunate to do something you love, and hear the stories of how much your music means to people (as you well know)..."

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