Sam Smith Finally Shares Naked Selfie as He Embraces His Body

Promoting body positivity, the 'I'm Not the Only One' singer lets 'it all hang out' and has a naked day to inspire people to 'celebrate that beautiful human body of yours.'

AceShowbiz - Sam Smith has fully come to terms with his body and urged others to feel the same. The 26-year-old singer, who wasn't keen on showing his skin before, stripped down to his birthday suit in a new picture he shared on Instagram.

The British crooner posted on his social media page on Wednesday, April 3 a shot of him going naked. The photo, however, only captured the upper half part of his body, showing him shirtless and offering a glimpse of a tattoo on one of his arms.

Sam shared an empowering message on the photo. "For my entire life I have always hated being naked. Today I decided to have a naked day and spend the day in my room and watch TV and read and eat what I want and just celebrate this bod," he wrote, explaining the reason why he shared the naked selfie. "It has been so empowering and wonderful and f***ing FUN. I think everyone should have a naked day once in a while and celebrate that beautiful body of yours. LET IT ALL HANG OUT PEOPLE."

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Several days ago, Sam shared a shirtless selfie and showed his "bloated" body to make others feel okay with their imperfect bodies. "Feeling bloated and gross after my flight so thought I'd post a mirror selfie of my sexy bloated boobies coz we are friends. Finally," he captioned it.

Both pictures received positive feedbacks from his followers, with one writing a pun, "BLOUTIFUL." Another commented on his topless selfie, "I envy this beautiful bloat. U is kind. U is smart. U is important. u look amazing babe!!!"

"That's it! Proud of u! Slayyyyy," another reacted to his latest post. Someone else supported Sam's message, "Yaaasss bb!!! Spread that positivity!!"

Sam has previously opened up about his struggles to accept his body since he was 5. He revealed that he underwent liposuction surgery at the age of 12 after being targeted by bullies. He has been in therapy and realized that his weight struggles are "the basis of all my sadness. Literally everything... I struggle with it every day."

The "Lay Me Down" hitmaker also revealed that he considered having a sex change. "I've always had a bit of a war between my body and mind about [how I identify], because I do think like a woman sometimes in my head," he shared. "I've sometimes sat down and questioned: Do I want a sex change? It's something I still think about. Like: Do I want to? But I don't think it is."

Of how he identified himself, he said, "I'm not male or female. I float somewhere in between."

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