'RHOA': Eva Marcille Furiously Leaves Filming Set After Her Alleged Financial Issues Are Brought Up

Abandoning initial plan, Taylor Sam goes to Eva during an opening party at Kandi's restaurant and breaks the news about the bad rumors surrounding Eva.

AceShowbiz - Eva Marcille had just returned from her honeymoon with husband Michael Sterling, but she was already greeted by a drama. The Sunday, March 24 episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" season 11 featured the ladies discussing the best way to break news to Eva about rumors of her struggling financially.

Marlo Hampton spilled the tea, telling NeNe Leakes and Tanya Sam that according to Eva's bridesmaids, Eva was suffering from "financial hardships" and she and her family were getting kicked out of the house they were renting. Additionally, it was said that Eva had bad credit and was accused of being a "fraud."

The three then agreed that it would be the best to have NeNe break the news to Eva because she was the closest to the latter. However, when the Housewives gathered at Kandi Burruss' party for the opening of her second OLG restaurant, Tanya decided to work on her own. She pulled Eva aside and told her about the bad rumors surrounding her.

Eva apparently didn't seem to be shocked by the revelation. In fact, she said she knew who was spreading the rumors, adding that none of the rumors were true. However, that didn't stop her from being upset over the rumors. Ripping off her microphone, Eva was seen grabbing her purse and storming off the party.

NeNe later confronted Taylor for abandoning the plan. She tried to convince Eva to come back and it worked. Eva told everyone that the reason she moves so often was because she's trying to escape her violent ex. However, Marlo didn't seem to believe it as she whispered to Kandi that it sounded like Eva was lying. Meanwhile, Kandi suspected that Eva knew that the rumors of her bad financial situation would be brought up and she seemingly tried to change the narrative.

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