Kylie Jenner's Fans Think She's Pregnant Again Because of This Photo

The Kylie Cosmetics founder sparks speculations that she's expecting her second child with Travis Scott after sharing an image of her daughter Stormi getting so clingy to her.

AceShowbiz - Is Kylie Jenner pregnant again? Well, some of her Instagram followers believe so. It was the reality TV star herself who sparks the second pregnancy speculations after she revealed on Instagram that her 1-year-old daughter Clingy is so clingy to her lately.

In the Instagram pic, the 21-year-old star rocked a black bikini which flaunted her thick thighs while lying on a yellow inflatable house under the sun. Her daughter, who sported an animal-print swimsuit, lied on top of her and was cuddling her so tight, as if she refused to let her mother go, while her eyes were wandering.

"my baby is stuck to me like glue lately," Kylie wrote in the caption. Her sister Kim Kardashian commented on her post, "Well damn," while model Winnie Harlow chimed in, "So in love."

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my baby is stuck to me like glue lately🖤

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While most of Kylie's followers also reacted to the mother-daughter's cute interaction, some others tried to decipher the alleged sign given by Stormi's body language. "if she's extremely clingy there's 2 possible reasons; you're going through something emotionally and she can sense you need the extra love and comfort, or you're pregnant!" one offered an explanation.

Another made a guess based on Mexican culture, "Welp, you're pregnant! That's an old Mexican wives tale. When your baby won't let you put her down, it's because you’re pregnant, with a boy!! If it was a girl she wouldn't want you holding her. I don't make the crazy Mexican old wives tale rules. I just pass on the knowledge to others. You're welcome."

Another similarly added, "She's probably pregnant again that's why."

Kylie also shared a video of her adorable little conversation with her daughter while Stormi was so stuck to her in the position captured in the picture above. "Girl, you gotta do things without me," the makeup mogul told her daughter. "Yeah," the little girl cutely replied with her soft voice. "Yeah, you know?" Kylie asked Stormi.

"i love our little conversations," Kylie captioned it. Her sister Khloe Kardashian wrote in the comment section, "I am completely melting!!!!! I can't wait," seemingly eager for sharing similar moments with her own daughter True, when the 11-month-old girl is able to speak like Stormi.

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i love our little conversations 🧸💛 💛💛☀️

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Kylie has not responded to the pregnancy speculations. She recently showed her support for her boyfriend and baby daddy Travis Scott (II) after it was reported that she accused him of cheating. The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star posted an image of her wearing a pair of "Astroworld" sweatpants, while cuddling their daughter Stormi. "baby girl," the model simply captioned it.

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baby girl🖤🖤

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It was claimed that Kylie and Travis got into an argument that forced him to cancel his concert in Buffalo, New York. His rep, however, denied the cheating accusation and that he and Kylie had a fight about his alleged infidelity.

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