'RHOA': Bravo Suspends NeNe Leakes for Aggresively Attacking Cameraman

A new mid-season trailer for season 11 also features NeNe having an epic fight with Eva Marcille after the former apparently talks behind the latter about her house.

AceShowbiz - Season 11 of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" is surely an explosive one. Bravo has just released a new mid-season trailer for its popular reality TV series and it features NeNe Leakes having a meltdown to the point she turns violent to the people around her.

In the season, the 51-year-old TV personality is still taking care of her husband Gregg Leakes as he's battling cancer. NeNe has opened up about how it sometimes takes a toll on her and the preview sees her taking her frustration to her best pals Marlo Hampton and Cynthia Bailey.

"Do you know what I'm going through?" NeNe yells during dinner. She then goes aggressive as she walks toward a cameraman before grabbing his shirt and ripping it.

"NeNe completely lost it that day," a source spills to Radar Online. "She was so mad and so out of control that she dragged the camera crew out of her house."

"Let's be clear b***h, I will f**k you up," she allegedly went on yelling, seemingly directing her anger toward Marlo. However, the insider notes her rage didn't stop there as "NeNe made the whole crew leave, the camera guys and the producers. She threw them out."

Following her outburst, MTO News reports that Bravo is taking serious measure on the matter as the network "has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards violence." It even makes the Housewives sign contracts that include a clause "that allows them to be FIRED ON THE SPOT for violent or aggressive behavior."

A Bravo executive reveals that NeNe was disciplined for her behavior. "NeNe was suspended for an episode, that's without pay," the exec claims. NeNe is making $200,000 per episode.

However, it's said that her suspension is over already. "It was handled and it's over. We've moved on," the source adds.

The new footage also features NeNe having an epic fight with Eva Marcille. The former apparently talks behind the latter, gossiping that the newcomer is living in a run-down house and not a McMansion like the rest of the ladies. "NeNe and Eva had an epic fight," the source told Radar Online. "Eva really knows how to bring the drama."

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