'Men in Black International' Urged to Remove Liam Neeson Scenes After Racist Revenge Story
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Internet calls for the 'Cold Pursuit' actor to be digitally removed from the upcoming 'Men in Black' movie amid backlash over his racist comments.

AceShowbiz - Another movie starring Liam Neeson is affected by controversy over his racist comments. After "Cold Pursuit" canceled its premiere scheduled for Tuesday, February 5, now internet users urge "Men in Black International" to remove scenes featuring the actor.

"Was really excited for Men in Black: International with @chrishemsworth & @TessaThompson_x. Was 1 of my most anticapated (sic) films for 2019. Hated his casting before the horrifying controversy, but now really hope it's not too late to digitally erase racist f*** Liam Neeson from it," one wrote on Twitter.

Another tweeted, "@MenInBlack boycott Men In Black the gutless coward Liam Neeson said he was walking around looking to kill an innocent black man who had nothing to do with his personal issues he's a gutless coward and a racist bigot boycott Men in Black."

Some others compared Neeson's situation to what "All the Money in the World" faced when Kevin Spacey was caught up in a sexual misconduct scandal. The 2017 drama film brought in Christopher Plummer to reshoot all scenes featuring Spacey.

"I guess Sony pictures will soon be hiring Christopher Plummer to replace Liam Neeson in the upcoming Men In Black reboot," one joked. Another enthused, "Christopher Plummer is currently reshooting Liam Neeson's scenes in Men In Black International."

"Men in Black International" stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson in the two lead roles, replacing Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones who are not returning for the fourth movie. Neeson stars as High T, the head of the U.K. branch of MIB. The movie is due out June 14 in the United States.

Neeson landed in hot water after admitting in an interview with The Independent that he wanted to kill a "black bastard" to seek revenge for his friend after she was raped by an unknown black man. "I'm ashamed to say that -- and I did it for maybe a week, hoping some 'black bastard' would come out of a pub and have a go at me about something, you know? So that I could... kill him," he said, adding that he eventually realized that it wasn't the answer.

Clarifying his remarks, he said on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday, February 5, "We were doing a press junket and the topic of our film was revenge. The lady journalist was asking, 'How do you tap into that?' and I remembered an incident nearly 40 years ago when a friend of mine was brutally raped I was out of the country and when I came back she told me about this ... I had never felt this feeling before which was a primal urge to lash out."

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