Sam Smith Confides About Secret Desire to Have Black Eye

When speaking to Beats 1 DJ Zane Lowe, the 'Stay with Me' singer also opens up about the real cause of the two styes he got in New Zealand that required him to undergo surgery.

AceShowbiz - Sam Smith has been left with two nasty black eyes after undergoing surgery earlier this month.

The "Stay with Me" singer has been using makeup to mask the bruises, but admits he has always secretly wanted to look like a tough guy with a black eye.

"I had to have an operation," he tells Beats 1 DJ Zane Lowe. "I got a black eye, and I've always wanted a black eye."

The Brit previously opened up about his eye infection on Instagram, telling followers he'd picked up painful styes on both eyes during a trip to New Zealand, and sharing a photo of himself wearing a patch.

He also built up to the operation on his Instagram Stories, telling followers: "So. I'm getting it operated on in 20 minutes. I'm f**king scared and also super hyped that I get to wear this pirate patch."

The message was accompanied by a selfie featuring his extremely swollen eye.

He now reveals, "I got two styes in New Zealand... It was hay fever actually, that caused it."

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