'Supergirl': Gets the First Look at First Transgender TV Superhero Dreamer
The CW

Played by Nicole Maines, the superhero sports a blue costume with matching eye mask as fans are loving the suit.

AceShowbiz - "Supergirl" has unveiled the first-look image for the mid-season premiere of its fourth season. The new photo features Nicole Maines' Nia Nal suiting up as Dreaming, the very first transgender superhero in TV's history.

The superhero sports a blue costume with matching eye mask. It doesn't look like the one her comic book relative wears, but it's still in line with the more realistic style on other The CW's superhero TV shows.

Fans praises the show's take on the alter-ego of Nia, who is a distant relative to comic book character Nura Nal a.k.a. Dreamer. "SHE LOOKS SO AMAZING AND SO KICK ASS!!!! @NicoleAMaines I AM SO PROUD AND EXCITED FOR YOU!!! This is going to be the absolute best I'm so happy!!!!" one excited fan replied to the first-look image. "BEST SUIT BEST CHARACTER BEST THING SG'S EVER DONE," another fan raved.

Also known as Dream Girl, Dreamer first made her appearance in "Adventure Comics" #317 in 1964. She is originated from a planet called Naltor, a world where almost everyone has precognitive abilities. Dreamer is also a member of the Legion of Superheros, joining Superboy, Lightning Boy, Mon-El, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Brainiac 5.

Staying true to her comic counterparts, Nia, possesses the power of precognition, as well as the propensity for narcolepsy when a vision comes over her. She is currently working as a reporter for CatCo.

The CW announced Maines' casting news in July last year during the 2018 Comic-Con panel for the series, describing Nia as "a soulful young transgender woman with a fierce drive to protect others."

"Supergirl" season 4 returns on Sunday, January 20 on The CW.

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