Heather Locklear and Chris Heisser Call It Quits Amid Her Out-Patient Rehab

Following their 'never-ending' holiday fight, the 'Melrose Palace' alum allegedly believes the reason why she can't keep her sobriety is because of her ex fiance.

AceShowbiz - Heather Locklear is reportedly a single lady now. The "Melrose Palace" alum and her fiance Chris Heisser have split after she finished getting treatment for her substance abuse back in December.

"She has broken up with Chris," a friend of the 57-year-old actress confirms. "By her making this move, it gives her a great reset button on what is most important and that is her sobriety."

The separation arrives after the two got involved in a "never-ending" holiday fight. A source claims to Radar Online, "The same issues continued with her and Chris -- she doesn't trust Chris at all and if she's not with him she thinks he’s with other women."

"If she's alone, she assumes the worst and then starts drinking. They fight over text and phone calls until he comes back and it usually escalates," the source goes on saying.

"They started fighting on Christmas Eve and Chris took off. They continued fighting until after Christmas," the insider adds. And when "Chris moved out of her house before the new year," she allegedly believes that the problem lies on Chris.

"She's been in and out of rehab and nothing has changed, so she decided to change what she thinks source of the issue is -- Chris!" the source continues. "That's why she hasn't returned to rehab. She's rationalized that she doesn't think she needs treatment now that he’s out of her life."

Another source suggests that with Chris, who came back into Heather's life two and a half years ago, around him, it would be hard for her to keep sober. "She set goals of sobriety two years ago and those were not working with him in the picture," shares the source.

Heather is currently living with her parents, Bill and Diane. "She's doing great. She has her parents staying with her, which has been great for everyone truly close to her. The fact that her parents are now staying with her is a good development and comforting," a friend of the TV personality spills. "Heather needs grounding and normalcy and what better people to do that than her own parents. It's a good thing in the end."

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