The 'Green Book' actor says it was the 'Ghostbusters' actor's way of celebrating his and the movie's wins at the Sunday, January 6 ceremony.

AceShowbiz - Mahershala Ali holds no grudge against Bill Murray for an unfortunate incident at 2019 Golden Globes. Making an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" post-his big win, the "Green Book" actor recalled his encounter with the "Lost in Translation" star that ended up with the latter accidentally spilled vodka on his head.

Asked by host Ellen DeGeneres to tell the backstage mishap, the 44-year-old said, "Bill was toasting us, and you know, I don't drink." He continued. "But Bill toasted his glass on Viggo's head, Linda's head, and then toasts on my head and vodka spills all over my face and is running down into my eyes and burning. And in my mouth."

Laughing at the experience, Mahershala added, "And I'm doing the whole interview with an eye closed afterwards." Despite the blunder, the "Moonlight" star easily forgave the 68-year-old comedian. "Vodka in the eye, it felt like hot acid just rolling down my face. But hey, it's Bill Murray," he reasoned.

While on the talk show, the Golden Globe-winner also talked about his part in the acclaimed Peter Farrelly-directed film. "My character, Donald Shirley, who was a concert pianist, lived on top of Carnegie Hall, highly educated man," he recounted. "Had decided - and nobody was doing this, which I think was remarkable - but had decided ... that he was going to hire a chauffeur and bodyguard."

"But he hired a white guy," the Oscars winner said as referring to co-star Viggo Mortensen's character. "They end up actually becoming friends and are able to sort of respect each other. A bridge is built over that time. And I think Tony Vallelonga evolves quite a bit in the time over the course of their journey."

Mahershala took home his first Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role on Sunday, January 6. Upon winning the kudo, he told E! News, "This was special to me because this was the most present that I've ever been in a project. And so the responsibility of that and having to keep up with [co-star Viggo] and not let the film down in any capacity, not let down Dr. Shirley, try to dig and find the deeper truths all the time."

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