Bonnie Pointer Feeling Much Better Post-Throwing Up During Private Party Performance
WENN/Sheri Determan

Addressing the incident where the member of The Pointer Sisters had to be escorted back to her dressing room, her publicist explains that his client dealt with flu-like symptoms days earlier.

AceShowbiz - A publicist for The Pointer Sisters' Bonnie Pointer has assured fans the singer is OK after she threw up while performing a weekend party show and had to be escorted back to her dressing room.

Bonnie was performing at Wattles Mansion in Hollywood on Saturday night, December 29, 2018, when she fell ill and threw up in her hand.

In video footage, obtained by TMZ, Pointer continued with the show and started singing The Pointer Sisters' "I'm So Excited" to a backing tape, but she fell sick again and vomited as aides tried to shield her from the crowd.

She was then led back to her dressing room.

On Wednesday, January 02, Bonnie's publicist, Thomas Santiago, told TMZ his client had been dealing with flu-like symptoms in the days leading up to the event, but didn't want to cancel.

He insists she is feeling much better now.

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