Verne Troyer
WENN/Derrick Salters

The sudden passing of some talented artists and public figures has left a big hole to those close to them and admiring their works.

AceShowbiz - Despite gaining fame for playing Mini-Me in the "Austin Powers" film series, Verne Troyer made rare screen appearances in the latter days of his life. Instead, he often grabbed headlines with scandals about his private life, from an annulled marriage to a leaked sex tape. Perhaps those events contributed to the 49-year-old actor's mental health issue as his family released a statement following his death on April 21, raising awareness for "depression and suicide." Weeks before his passing, he was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. It was reported that he was suicidal, repeatedly telling medics he "wanted to die." He soon suffered respiratory distress and had to be placed on life support, but never recovered. His death was later ruled a suicide.

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