Pusha T Brags About Loyal Fan for Returning His Designer Bracelet

When thanking the fan for giving him back his jewellery that flew into the audience during a gig in Amsterdam, The 'Mercy' rapper calls out Cartier for the defect.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Pusha T is counting his lucky stars after a fan returned a designer bracelet he lost in the middle of a concert in the Netherlands.

The "Mercy" star was halfway through a performance in Amsterdam on Thursday night (December 13) when his Cartier Love jewellery flew off his wrist and into the audience.

It fell at the feet of an honest devotee, who promptly signalled to Pusha that he had retrieved it, and was invited up onstage to return the pricey piece.

The moment of the bracelet return was caught on camera, and Pusha later posted the video clip on Instagram.

"My fans are so loyal that they wouldn't take a penny from me," he captioned the footage. "Thanks for finding and returning my bracelet bro (sic)!".

He also issued a call to Cartier bosses to improve the design of the bracelets, which are supposed to only be taken off by removing a tiny screw, as it's not the first time it's fallen off his arm.

"Ay @cartier y'all gotta get y'all s**t together," Pusha added. "this is the 3rd bracelet I've lost in a couple months by just wearing it."

The jewellery doesn't come cheap - the bangles, which come in gold, white gold, and rose gold, retail from $6,300 (£5,000) each.

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