'Doctor Strange' Sequel Moves Forward With Scott Derrickson Returning to Direct
Marvel Studios

The 'Exorcism of Emily Rose' helmer is close to finalizing his deal to serve behind the lens for the follow-up to Marvel's 2016 superhero movie.

AceShowbiz - As "The Avengers" movie series is nearing its "Endgame", Marvel is ready to move forward with another of its superhero movie franchises. The studio has began developing a sequel to "Doctor Strange".

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Scott Derrickson, who directed and scripted the first movie, is finalizing his deal to helm the second installment. A search for a new writer will begin soon, with the studio eying a spring 2020 production date.

Benedict Cumberbatch is expected to reprise his role as the Sorcerer Supreme, with Benedict Wong returning as a Master of the Mystic Arts, Wong, and Rachel McAdams returning as Stephen Strange's love interest Christine Palmer.

While plot details are still not available with no writer attached to the new movie, the post-credits scene in the first movie teases a possible villain for the sequel. Chiwetel Ejiofor's Mordo, who was initially close to the Ancient One and a mentor to Strange, feels betrayed by the Ancient One and Strange who use forbidden powers in order to do what they felt needed to be done.

C. Robert Cargill, who wrote "Doctor Strange" along with Derrickson, previously said that it's the direction the movie is heading to with the character's story-arc. "For those of you who have ever read the comics, you know that Baron Mordo has a very particular arc, and that's something we discussed with Chiwetel while working on the first movie," Cargill said earlier this year. "And part of the reason Chiwetel wanted to play Mordo was because he has a definitive ending as a character and it's such a fascinating ending."

He continued, "And I do know that whether we're attached or not, that Marvel plans on working towards that ending and fully realizing Mordo as more than just a cardboard cutout villain, but actually taking him to kind of Loki levels of awesomeness. That's the goal with him."

Doctor Strange was last seen perishing into dust along with other characters, who fell victims to Thanos' snap in "Avengers: Infinity War". While it's safe to assume that he will be somehow revived, it remains to be seen how he's brought back in "Avengers: Endgame", which is set to hit U.S. theaters on April 26, 2019.

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