Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: Kelly Clarkson Sings Live, Diana Ross Is Praised for Her Lip Sync

While the 'American Idol' winner showcases her amazing vocals through 'Heat' performance, the veteran singer doesn't bother using a mic while lip syncing to her Christmas song.

AceShowbiz - Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade took place in New York on Thursday, November 23 with several musicians joining the parade to entertain the crowd with their performances. Among them were Kelly Clarkson, Diana Ross and Pentatonix.

While most performers had to lip sync due to technical difficulties at the event, the "American Idol" winner refused to do it when she graced the stage to belt out "Heat". Unlike other singers who performed on a float, Kelly delivered the rendition in front of Macy's. "I'm thankful I get to perform on the coldest freaking Thanksgiving ever... live!" she said while walking up to the stage in Herald Square. Obviously, her performance didn't disappoint.

"Umm, I don't know if y'all know this, but that was live," she said of her rendition later on. "Brynn Cartelli ('The Voice' contestant), thank you. Singing in this cold weather with me. It's so cold in New York. I just wanted y'all to know, you probably all thought that sounded so good from Brynn Cartelli, but that was live as well. So Brynn Cartelli was rocking those runs this morning. I didn't even give those runs this morning. I was like, nope!"

Elsewhere during the parade, Diana took her lip sync to a whole another level. The veteran singer didn't even bother to use a microphone when she performed "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time", simply mouthing the lyrics to the Christmas song while making extravagant gestures. Surprisingly, many were loving her performance.

"The incomparable Diana Ross doesn't need your silly microphone to lip sync," one Internet user wrote. "I'm glad that Diana Ross didn't use a mic. In reality, you don't need it at these type of parades. Esp, if you're make the artist lip sync," another heaped praises for the diva as one other similar gushed, "Props Diana Ross for not even pretending to use a mic for her lip sync."

Not all artists were as lucky as Diana though, because Rita Ora came under fire for lip syncing during her set. Fortunately, John Legend got her back.

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