Rob Kardashian Thinks It's 'Not Healthy' for Daughter Dream to Live With Blac Chyna

Following the controversy surrounding her promoting whitening cream, her ex-fiance thinks she might be sending the wrong message to her daughter and setting a bad example.

AceShowbiz - Blac Chyna might have claimed that she gave her children the "luxury lifestyle" that they deserve, but Rob Kardashian apparently doesn't think so, especially after the backlash that she has been receiving over whitening cream. Words are, the controversy has made the youngest Kardashian sibling worried about the well-being of their daughter, Dream.

According to, Rob thinks that his ex-fiancee is setting bad examples for their two-year-old child. "Rob is disappointed Chyna is encouraging women to lighten their skin and he feels Chyna is sending the wrong message to their daughter," a source says of the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star. "Rob wishes Chyna were a better role model and setting a better example, he wants Dream to grow up being proud of her culture and the color of her skin."

The source goes on saying how Rob thinks it won't be "healthy" for Dream to be raised by Chyna if she keeps using and promoting the whitening cream. This is because their daughter might end up feeling "self-conscious over the color of her skin tone."

But will his concern affect her decision to stop promoting the cream? It doesn't seem so. "Chyna is fully aware that some people have an issue with skin lightening, but she couldn't care less what they think," the source continues. "Because as far as she's concerned it's nobody's business but her own."

The Lashed Bar owner landed herself in hot water after choosing to endorse skin bleaching product Whitenicious. The item is being marketed towards both men and women and is used to help with hyper-pigmentation and dark spot corrections. Despite how amazing the item is, people were enraged by her decision to help promote the product.

"Why Chyna, God is it really that bad to be black?" asked one user, while another wrote, "No offense but lightning (sic) of your skin does not look good on you. You looked 10 times prettier when you had your beautiful natural skin color."

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