Fans Defend Momoland After Backlash for 'Disrespecting' BTS at Awards Show

The South Korean girl group has come under fire after videos of them not bowing to the seven-piece group and laughing at Jimin's voice cracks emerge online.

AceShowbiz - Momoland has been accused of being disrespectful to their seniors, particularly BTS (Bangtan Boys), when they attended the 2018 MBC Plus x Genie Music Awards earlier this month. The South Korean girl group has received massive backlash from fans of the boyband after videos of them not bowing to the seven-piece group emerged online.

"okay but how can momoland didn't even bowed to twice and bts??! jimin kept on bowing and nancy is the only one who did A little bow. GURLS???!! watch ur attitude," one fan tweeted along with a video of the said moment. "daisy bowed a little but the others didn't, it is such a disappointing scene to see," one fan agreed.

As if that wasn't enough reason to slam Momoland, fans were angered after the group were spotted laughing when Jimin's voice cracked during BTS' stage collaboration with Charlie Puth.

"members of momoland were laughing and whispering to each other when bts were performing fake love at the mgas where the people f***ed up the bgm, specifically jimins part. they really thought it was ok to laugh when jimin was so frustrated after performing. my blood is boiling," another upset fan wrote in a tweet, which has garnered more than nine thousand retweets.

"im not cancelling momoland bc they made fun of bts since they've already been cancelled from the start by being problematic," one other tweeted. One person even deleted all songs of Momoland from his/her phone so that it "can breathe BTS air."

Many have come to Momoland's defense though, with one pointing out that the group was already giggling even before the performance. "they were whispering even before he came on to the stage, jooe hit daisy when he came out, she was probably teasing her for something. God knows what they were talking about. Lets not blow things out of their proportions," a user said.

There was also one user who made a Twitter thread to debunk the accusation, providing several proves that Momoland wasn't being disrespectful to BTS. The thread has been retweeted more than five hundred times and garnered one thousand likes.

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