Sarah Hyland Angers Fans for Giving Away 'Modern Family' Death Spoiler in Sweet Tribute
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'Wow couldn't put a spoiler warning on this post?!? Unbelievable,' a fan complains.

AceShowbiz - Sarah Hyland is just wanting to bid farewell to a castmember whose character died in Wednesday, October 24 episode of "Modern Family" titled "Good Grief". The Haley Dunphy depicter took to Instagram to write a heartfelt message to the departed co-star a day after the episode aired, only to meet criticism from fans who are angry for the spoiler.

In this age of delayed viewing, it should not be surprising if some fans haven't yet seen the much-anticipated death episode. [SPOILER ALERT!] With that being said, Sarah's post that featured her posing with Ariel Winter and Shelley Long, whose character DeDe Pritchett died in the Halloween episode, gave an unwanted spoiler for some fans.

"Spoiler alert!" a fan wrote in the comment section. An enraged fan later added, "Rrrrrrh @sarahhyland in french [sic] we dont know, we can't watching [sic] at the same time. You spoil me ! This is not cool!!!" Another fan echoed, responding, "What. The. F**k. Why would you post this today!?! I've been dodging any conversation all day so i could watch and find out for myself. No point of watching now."

"Damn it Sarah! Haven't watched already!" another comment read. "You should've waited a few more days omfg spoiler alert," one other fan advised.

The complaints were endless as one fan snarked, "Wow couldn't put a spoiler warning on this post?!? Unbelievable," with another sarcastically adding, "Thanks for that spoiler..."

Some fans, however, think that it's unfair for Sarah as she's getting all the blames for the so-called spoiler. Coming to the actress' defense, a fan wrote, "Then stay off Modern Family casts' social media!!!! Pretty simple."

"How is this a spoiler when the episode aired yesterday? If you haven’t watched it yet that's not Sarah’s fault," another fan joined in defending Sarah. "Of course it's going to be in the entertainment news and all over social media so if you happen to see it don't blame her."

The Wednesday episode featured Jay (Ed O'Neill) breaking the tragic news to his stepdaughter Claire (Julie Bowen), informing her of the death of her mom, during the show's cold open. The death turned the family's near-annual Halloween episode into a day to mourn the death of Dede. Upon receiving the news, the characters were all reminiscing their moments, both happy and not-so-happy ones, with her.

Toward the end of the episode, everyone was gathering while waiting for an explanation of DeDe's death. It was later revealed that DeDe was befriending a pack of wolves and being saved by one of those wolves after falling through some ice and then offending a tribe of Inuits and being briefly swallowed by a whale before she died peacefully in her sleep with a smile on her face. She also had a list of suggestions for the hotel staff in her hands. "That is so mom," Claire said upon hearing the explanation.

"Modern Family" airs on Wednesday at 9 P.M. on ABC.

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