Khloe Kardashian 'Not Sweating' Over Picture of Tristan Thompson With Mystery Women

The mother of one allegedly believes the mystery ladies are not with her boyfriend because she is 'convinced that he isn't fooling around especially at this past night out.'

AceShowbiz - Tristan Thompson recently sparked rumors that he might be cheating again on Khloe Kardashian with other women. The Canadian athlete was spotted leaving Warwick nightclub on September 19 along with two mystery women. When he saw paparazzi outside the club, he immediately went to his car without the girls as they headed to their own car.

It remains unclear whether or not the two girls were with Tristan. However, an onlooker told PEOPLE that Tristan were not interacting with them at the venue. "Tristan arrived at Warwick with a group of guys and one girl. Some of his friends are single though. It didn't seem the girl was with Tristan," the witness said.

The onlooker went on saying that the group was surrounded by women while inside the club, but Tristan didn't pay them much attention. "There were other girls hanging around the table, but Tristan didn't really interact with them," the insider continued. "His friends chatted with girls, but Tristan was very low key."

Khloe herself allegedly didn't really sweat over the picture, because she knew the girls had nothing to do with her athlete boyfriend. "Khloe understand how it looks and hates that Tristan put himself in that position, but she is convinced that he isn't fooling around especially at this past night out," a source close to the "Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian" host said to

"She knows when he goes out, there will be plenty of eyeballs on him that he would be extra stupid if he cheated on her again," the so-called insider added. "She doesn't feel like she is naïve and actually trusts Tristan, and is very much of the mind frame that he was a good boy and has been since the cheating scandal."

Even if Tristan did cheat on her, Khloe reportedly would not believe a mere paparazzi picture. "She will need concrete evidence before she thinks otherwise," the source said.

Reps for Tristan or Khloe haven't responded to the scandal.

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