Nicki Minaj 'Ecstatic' That Her Fight With Cardi B Brings Success to 'Barbie Dreams' Music Video

The 'Chun-Li' rapper believes the impressive views count for the music video is partially thanks to their recent altercation.

AceShowbiz - Nicki Minaj apparently is not that upset over her recent altercation with Cardi B at Harper's Bazaar ICONS party. Rumor has it, the "Chun-Li" female emcee is grateful for the fight because it brings many good things for her music career.

Sources close to Nicki tells TMZ that she believes the impressive views count for her "Barbie Dreams" music video is partially thanks to their fight. The video has garnered over 5 million views less than one day after its release. Furthermore, she gets more gig and show appearance offers after the fall out.

Her "Queen Radio" show has also been trending on social media and sitting at No. 1 on Apple Music after she broke her silence during the latest episode of the show. According to the sources, her listeners "quadrupled last week from the week prior."

Nicki additionally believes that many people, including her friends, are siding with her and "praising how she handled the situation." The Trinidadian beauty thinks Cardi is the one who becomes the laughingstock as pictures of her leaving the party with a huge bruise on her face have been treated as meme material.

According to an eyewitness, Nicki and Cardi made commotion around 11:30 P.M. ET, towards the end of the party. The former reportedly was mingling with guests and trying to enjoy the party when the "Bartier Cardi" MC started lunging at her and began shouting. She even threw one of her red paltform heels at Nicki, though fortunately she and her bodyguards were not injured.

Nicki's ex, Meek Mill, was allegedly at the party when the fight occurred. Model Tess Holliday revealed that the Philadephia native approached her publicist and said, "Yo did y'all see that Cardi and Nicki fight."

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