Chrissy Teigen Still Gets Turned On by John Legend Concerts
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'If he performs somewhere, and I go, I'm like, 'Oh he's sexy,' ' the model reveals.

AceShowbiz - Chrissy Teigen is always turned on and ready for sex when she watches her husband, John Legend, perform.

The model and TV presenter admits her man still sexually excites her when he's onstage, and she can almost guarantee they'll make love after the show.

"If he performs somewhere, and I go, I'm like, 'Oh he's sexy'," Chrissy tells the new issue of Women's Health, but she reveals their lovemaking and intimacy has taken a hit following the birth of their second child earlier this year.

"It doesn't matter who you are, even if you're a sexy R&B crooner or an ex-swimsuit model, you're just tired," she explains. "We still have that passion for each other, but are we doing it randomly in a dressing room? No! We'll get back into it again."

Chrissy missed out on poking fun at the couple's love life at the GQ Men of the Year Awards in London on Wednesday night, September 05, when she was told there wasn't time for a joke she had planned while presenting her husband with the Hugo Boss Most Stylish Man of the Year.

"I was supposed to say, 'Ladies and gentlemen, your Hugo Boss Most Stylish Man of the Year...', and then I was going to say, 'I have sex with him two-to-three times a week, unless it's his birthday'," she shares. "That was my big finale and it never happened."

Chrissy has also opened up about her health in the new magazine interview, insisting she's back at her best after giving up booze.

"After (the birth of first child) Luna, I was drinking too much," she reveals. "I wasn't eating as much because I was full from drinking. I wasn't being good to my body. I remember being so bruised from nothing."

A course of antidepressants and a recent relaxing vacation to Bali also helped: "What could be more important than mental health? What's more important than being proud of yourself and doing the best you can for your body?"

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