Judd Apatow Turned Down Bryan Cranston for Drug Dealer Role in 'Pineapple Express' Because of This

The filmmaker, however, felt that it was a good decision for if he cast Bryan for the movie, the later might not appear in 'Breaking Bad'.

AceShowbiz - Moviemaker Judd Apatow feels somewhat responsible for Bryan Cranston's TV success - because he didn't cast him as a drug boss in "Pineapple Express".

The director/producer has revealed on Twitter that he didn't think Cranston was "scary enough" to play a dealer in his 2008 film, and now believes the actor would have missed out on his iconic, often menacing role as Walter White in "Breaking Bad" if he had been cast in the stoner movie.

Responding to a 10th anniversary "Pineapple Express" tweet from the film's star Seth Rogen, who listed a series of fascinating facts about the movie, Judd wrote: "Bryan Cranston auditioned. He may have even read at a table read and I said 'I don't think he seems scary enough to seem like a real drug dealer (sic)'.

"If he did PE (Pineapple Express) maybe the "Breaking Bad" people would have said, 'Not him, he always plays drug dealers'."

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