Warner Bros. and DC Developing 'Supergirl' Movie

'22 Jump Street' writer Oren Uziel is working on the script for the feature film adaptation of the DC comics.

AceShowbiz - Behold, Superman! The superhero's famous cousin Supergirl is going to get the spotlight on the big screen, after getting a TV series treatment on CBS before it moved to The CW. Deadline reports that Warner Bros. and DC are currently developing a feature film based on Supergirl.

"22 Jump Street" writer Oren Uziel is working on the script, but other details are not available for now. No producer is attached to the project either.

News about the development of the Supergirl movie is quite surprising, since her cousin Superman has received more attention from DC and Warner Bros. so far, with Henry Cavill portraying Clark Kent in "Man of Steel", "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and "Justice League".

It appears that there's a change in focus now in the studio after Warner Bros. promoted Walter Hamada to oversee its comic book movies, replacing Jon Berg and Geoff Johns as the heads of the DC movies, following the lackluster "Justice League". The superhero team-up movie grossed $657.9 million worldwide on a reported $300 million budget. It's far behind the $821.9 million that "Wonder Woman" made on a much lower budget of $120-148 million.

Supergirl a.k.a. Kara Zor-El is Superman's cousin, who was born and raised in Argo City, a fragment of Krypton that survived destruction. When the town is doomed, Kara is sent to Earth by her parents to be raised by her cousin Kal-El a.k.a. Superman. Supergirl adopted the secret identity of orphan Linda Lee and made Midvale Orphanage her home. As Superman's cousin, Kara shares his super powers and vulnerability to Kryptonite.

Melissa Benoist has played Supergirl on the TV series, which is heading into its fourth season on The CW. Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman has appeared on the show, with Tyler Hoechlin playing the character in season 2. It's unknown if Superman will appear in the planned Supergirl movie.

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