Denzel Washington Goes Undercover to Prepare for 'The Equilazer 2'
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The actor got behind the wheel to moonlight as a cab driver as he prepared to star in his new movie.

AceShowbiz - Denzel Washington got behind the wheel to moonlight as a cab driver as he prepared to star in his new movie, "The Equalizer 2".

The "Malcolm X" leading man reprises his role as retired CIA agent-turned-vigilante Robert McCall for the film, in which he takes on a job as an unassuming driver for the Lyft taxi app.

The Oscar winner admits he had never used the car service before, so he decided to give it a try for himself, and ended up giving random passengers rides across Los Angeles - all without being recognised.

"I don't drink, so I've never needed anybody to get me home," Denzel explained on morning show "Live" with Kelly and Ryan.

"I've never been (in a car from a taxi app except) in preparation for the film. I drove (strangers)! They didn't know!"

The 63-year-old insists riders rarely paid attention to who they were getting in the car with, so he was able to work unnoticed.

"They're not (thinking), like, 'Oh, I'll get in the car today and Denzel's gonna be driving,'" he laughed. "Nobody's looking for me!"

"The Equalizer 2" is a follow-up to his original 2014 action thriller, based on the 1980s TV series of the same name, and reteamed the actor with his "Training Day" director Antoine Fuqua.

The project is Denzel's first sequel - but he insists it's not because he's been actively avoiding reprising old roles.

"I usually die in the movies! They'd have to do a prequel!" he quipped. "They did talk about a prequel for (2012 movie) "Safe House", but nobody asked me (about doing a sequel before)."

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