This Is How David Spade's Mother Embarrassed Him in Front of Selena Gomez
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It happened when David brought his mother Judith to a premiere screening of Selena's new movie 'Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation'.

AceShowbiz - David Spade was left a little red-faced when he first introduced his mother to Selena Gomez.

The "Joe Dirt" star is currently promoting animated movie "Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation", which also features the voices of popstar Selena, Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg and Molly Shannon.

David brought his mother Judith, daughter Harper, nine, and 13-year-old niece Bea, the daughter of his brother Andy Spade and late designer Kate Spade, to a premiere screening of the new film, and during an appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Tuesday night (July 17), divulged how he couldn't believe his mum's reaction to seeing Selena in real life.

"I say (to Selena), will you say hi to my daughter and my niece, she's like, 'Of course,'" he recalled, before going to on share Judith's reaction. "My mom goes, 'Lupus'. And I go, 'Errrr.' Because Selena has lupus and so does my mom. And she goes, 'I have it, you have it,' and then Selena goes, 'Oh yeah. Lupus, I know, I'm always tired.' And then my mom goes, 'Nope, full of energy.'"

David explained that Selena and his mother didn't have a chance to talk further about their experiences with the autoimmune disease, which led to the 25-year-old star undergoing a kidney transplant in September 2017, because she was then "swarmed" by fans.

During the interview, David also chatted about "Hotel Transylvania 3" and his new audiobook, "A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World", which is set to be released on Thursday. The 53-year-old reflects on a range of topics from dating to fatherhood in the project and explained that he chose the medium because he liked how it means he can almost instantly connect with followers.

"The jokes come out faster because there's not as much of a lag time," he smiled.

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