In addition to the trailer, Netflix has unveiled a slew of photos from the upcoming season of the fan-favorite series.

AceShowbiz - Of course, Suzanne, Litchfield isn't home. Netflix has just released an official trailer for season 6 of "Orange Is the New Black". The new video sees the inmates in Litchfield being relocated to a maximum security facility following last season's riot.

The new facility appears to have new uniforms as Uzo Aduba's Suzanne can be seen trading her usual orange staple for a pink one. "First, my friends become not my friends, and then I'm given a color that other colors want to fight," Suzanne laments to Piper (Taylor Schilling).

However, Piper believes that Pink is actually the safest color of all. "Blues and khakis have beef with each other," Piper, one of the "blues," tells Suzanne. "Pinks are safe out there."

The new teaser later continues to glimpse several scenes of the ladies adjusting their lives in the new facility. It seems like the inmates are forced to choose between two options, giving up the rest of their lives or protecting "some lousy criminals."

The rising tension also leads to a trust issue among themselves. Someone donning a khaki uniform can be seen telling her fellow inmate, "Sometimes I wonder whose team you're really on."

In addition to the trailer, Netflix has unveiled a slew of photos from the upcoming season. It also unearths a key art poster featuring the stars, including Uzo, Danielle Brooks, Adrienne C. Moore and Dasha Polanco.

Season 6 picks up the story one week after the S.W.A.T raid, and shows the now-newbies as they navigate new rules and power dynamics at their new home. They will be facing charges stemming from last season's riot and the offer of plea deals to turn on one another. The new season promises lots of strategy in play, including discussion about Alex who is nowhere to be found.

"Orange Is the New Black" returns for season 6 on July 27 on Netflix.

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