Nicole Kidman Says Her Mother Deserves Her Acting Awards
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The 'Big Little Lies' actress gives all her acting accolades to her mother Janelle because she deserves some of the credit for Nicole's success.

AceShowbiz - Nicole Kidman gives all her acting accolades to her mother Janelle because she is just as responsible for the actress' achievements.

During the most recent awards season, the Australian actress took home a haul of trophies, including an Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award, for her portrayal of Celeste Wright in TV miniseries "Big Little Lies".

Rather than keep the treasured prizes at home, Nicole decided to give them to her mum because she deserves some of the credit for her success.

"That's a big thing when you have a mother who has helped shape you and probably didn't have the career she deserved," she said in a cover interview with Tatler magazine. "So, in some ways that's my way of going, 'Look, Mama, look! This is yours too.'"

Nicole also gave a shout-out to her mum when she accepted the Golden Globe in January, and told the audience, "My mama was an advocate for the women's movement when I was growing up, and because of her, I'm standing here. My achievements are her achievements."

The "Moulin Rouge!" star, as well as co-stars Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern and Shailene Woodley, started filming season two of the show in March. Given the events in the finale, it is likely to be an easier shoot for the 50-year-old, who played a domestic violence victim in season one and has been open about the emotional toll the production had on her.

"You have to delve into parts where you go, O.K., what's the truth of this character?" she told the magazine. "We had to be really honest. You're playing love, but you're playing love that is so damaging to each of the people.

"I would come home and cry after doing "Big Little Lies". I would cry alone. I would sit and I would have a bath and cry. And feel very distressed and not know exactly what to do about it."

The new-look July issue of Tatler marks the first under the editorship of Richard Dennen following his appointment in February.

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