T.I. Addresses His Arrest Over Alleged Altercation With Security Guard
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The rapper previously got into a 'very heated debate' with the security guard, who was allegedly sleeping while he was supposed to be working.

AceShowbiz - T.I. is unfazed about his arrest following an alleged altercation with a security guard.

The Whatever You Like hitmaker, real name Clifford Harris, was arrested on Wednesday, May 16, after being accused of fighting with a security officer outside of his gated community in Georgia.

The rapper has since been released, but is facing simple assault, disorderly conduct, and public drunkenness charges.

At the time, he explained to police he got into a "very heated debate" with the security guard because he was allegedly asleep while he was supposed to be working. T.I. insisted the argument did not become physical, but the security guard called the police and refused him entry into his community.

A TMZ reporter quizzed the rapper at Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C. on Saturday, May 19, and suggested T.I.'s recent involvement in politics and speaking out against injustice on social media was to blame for his arrest.

"I think it's a premature conclusion to jump to, and it would be very presumptuous to say so. I don't know, it could just be an isolated incident," he said.

T.I. revealed he had yet to get an apology from the homeowner's association at his gated community and explained why he hadn't used his fame to enable to security guard to recognise him.

"Because it doesn't matter," he replied. "What matters is I'm a resident in that community. I pay my homeowner's association fees. I shouldn't have to be a celebrity to be considered. I have rights. They (security) work for us (the community). It's their job to know who I am.

"It isn't my job to say, 'Do you know who I am?'"

The 37-year-old attributed his arrest to "white cops in a very white area" and claimed the security guard was the one who "antagonised" him. He is also planning to launch legal action against bosses at his homeowner's association over the incident, according to The Blast.

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